School History

Mary E. Smithey PACE High School opened as PACE School in 1993. The alternative school was renamed in 2008 for former district teacher Mary E. Smithey. The school serves grades 10-12. 

Did you know that...

  • Since its establishment, PACE has been known as PACE High School, Mary E. Smithey PACE Learning Center, and is currently named Mary E. Smithey PACE High School.
  • Since its establishment, PACE has had two campuses.  The first campus was located just south of Duncanville High School, having 3 portable buildings and one brick building.  In 2012, PACE was relocated to the repurposed Duncanville Junior High School, a building which was originally constructed in 1958.
  • PACE has served international transfer students coming from all over the world, including Great Britain, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, and Trinidad & Tobago.
  • PACE has served the educational needs of students striving to represent their countries in the Olympics.
  • Since 1993, PACE has had 4 principals: Dr. Ruth Richey, Mr. Edward Marcell, Mr. Keith Butcher, and Ms. Tijuana Hudson.  Also, PACE has had 5 academic counselors: Mr. George Sprayberry, Mrs. Renee McNeely, Mr. Peter Hartgraves, Mrs. Ruthann Saldana, and Ms. Roxanne Saldana.
  • One current teacher has been with PACE since its establishment: Mrs. Lori Rhodes (Family and Consumer Science instructor).
  • The nephew of Mrs. Eva R. Simecek, principal's secretary, is Mr. James Roday.  Mr. Roday was the star of USA Network's popular series Psych and is currently starring as Gary Mendez on ABC's drama, A Million Little Things. Mr. Roday was also featured in the movie version of The Dukes of Hazzard, starring Mr. Johnny Knoxville.
  • In order to recognize student academic achievement, PACE conducts up to 5 graduation celebrations throughout the year.
  • PACE students have 24 hour/7 days a week access to their coursework through Edgenuity. 
  • Once students successfully complete a course at PACE, course credit is immediately awarded.  Students do not have to wait until the end of a semester to receive earned credits.
  • PACE students may take any course anytime regardless of whether or not the course is traditionally scheduled during the first or second semester.