Frequently Asked Questions

Common Application Fee Waivers

The College Board College Application Fee Waiver 

  • If a student takes the SAT test and uses an SAT Fee Waiver, the student is eligible for a College Board College Application Fee Waiver. Most institutions accept this fee waiver. This fee waiver can be used an unlimited amount of times. 

The NACAC College Application Fee Waiver

  • In some instances, a college/university may require the NACAC fee waiver. Students who have limited financial resources may use the NACAC Request for Admission Application Fee Waiver. The purpose of this form is to ensure equitable postsecondary access and is intended for first-time undergraduate applicants that meet one or more of the criteria listed on the form.

The ACT College Application Fee Waiver

  • Students who test with an ACT fee waiver may also request a Waiver of Deferral of College Admission Application Fee. To have a college application fee waived, you must submit your fee waiver directly to the college to which you are applying (not to ACT).

Request a College Application Fee Waiver

Not sure how to send your college application fee waiver?

Each college/university has a preferred method for receiving application fee waivers. Tap the button below to review a list of popular institutions and their preferred methods for receiving fee waivers. We also list the type of fee waivers that each institution accepts. 

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