Tijuana Hudson
Tijuana N. Hudson, Principal


Barbara Roberson-Payton
Barbara Roberson-Payton,
Assistant Principal

Principal's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mary E. Smithey PACE High School's webpage.  Being selected as the fourth leader of this school of choice is both an honor and a privilege.  This school year marks my 21st year in education, 20th year in Duncanville ISD and my 3rd year at PACE.  Prior to joining the PACE family, I served as a teacher, a high school counselor and an assistant principal; partnering with families at Bilhartz, Hardin, Byrd, DHS and Summit.

Each school year brings about new opportunities for learning and a new commitment to completing the race set before us.  I challenge each student to seize the opportunities that PACE has to offer.  My personal mission is to provide our students with an environment in which they will learn to set and accomplish goals, feel like contributing members of a team, internalize the meaning of the words grit and perseverance, experience academic success and above all, graduate prepared for their future college and/or career choices.

I have challenged the faculty and staff to raise the bar academically and to expose each student to programs and interventions that will help them develop skills that will ensure their lifelong success.  We are committed to working with students and their families in a positive, respectful and professional manner.  Parents, you are an integral part of our school community and your child’s education.  Please feel free to contact the school with any questions, concerns or suggestions as all stakeholders are accountable for PACE’s success. Any obstacles encountered prior to admission are now in the past; the time has come to move forward, work hard, and commit to finishing high school! I look forward to working with you as we continue to write success stories, one student at a time.   

On this journey together,

Tijuana N. Hudson